best-predictive-analytics-coursesLearning from the best predictive analytics courses will help take your business career to the next level. Statistics is a branch of mathematics that opens you up to a vast ocean of areas of application. However, you need a certain level of expertise in a definite direction before you can fully benefit from the basic knowledge you have acquired.

Predictive analytics is a branch of data analysis. So that you know, data analysis is not something you can start spontaneously. It requires a step-by-step journey into the learning process from the basics of statistics. This will require that you take some courses and programs for a while to prepare you for these predictive analytics courses.

However, there are a few predictive analytics courses designed for total beginners. So if you are just starting and you don’t want to take the long journey (which is the most rewarding path) for whatever reason, you can just look out for them and get going.

Here are the Best Predictive Analytics Courses & Certifications Online in 2020

Below is a list of the best predictive analytics courses that will teach you business analytics and how to advance your career.

edX Predictive Analytics Courses Techniques

This is an analytics course designed to help learners find their way through in the journey to a second degree. It is designed to build on knowledge (statistical knowledge) acquired in a first-degree setting. When completed, it can serve as a ladder to getting admission for a master’s program in a related line of study in just about any university. It tallies mostly with courses relating to data science, big data, and the likes.


You get the chance to start up your analytics career or skill up in a bid to position yourself to get more opportunities in the analytics field. Also, you have more areas to apply previous knowledge of programming languages such as java, c, python, and other related programming courses.


It might take longer than usual if you are not familiar with programming languages needed to get a full grasp of the course. You will find yourself troubleshooting at regular intervals and will need a bit of persistence to get through with the course.

Who is it for

This course is designed for individuals who have a first degree in statistics or mathematics and are definitely interested in scaling up their analytics skills. These individuals must be willing to learn new programming languages that are data-driven (such as python, c, and r) for a better understanding of the course.

Python Data Products for Predictive Analytics

Basically, we live in an era where artificial intelligence is the driving force of the world. Blue-chip companies like google, microsoft, and the likes ride on the horse of data analytics in their journey to improving the quality and quantity of their products and services. This course is designed to help you in your attempt at sharpening your python skills and learn the art of making accurate predictions via this tool.


You will be able to construct predictive systems that are accurate enough to earn the trust of a-list companies and be on your way to becoming a machine learning expert.


You are at a disadvantage if you don’t have a solid background in statistics and a basic level of insight into its areas of application.

Who is it for

This course is intended for individuals who are statistics enthusiasts (with a basic knowledge of statistics) who are intentional about gaining entry into the vast ocean of machine learning and carving a niche. Individuals who are interested in being creative about providing solutions to real-life problems with the use of data and tools driven by data are also a good fit for this course.

Wharton Customer Analysis Course

There is a lot of data about the buying patterns of customers in recent times. This course is designed to help business owners and others who are interested in the commercial sectors to make sensible inferences from them, make predictions about market behavior, and in effect, make informed decisions. If there is any course that can serve as an entry point to the point of data analytics, it is wharton customer analysis. In the end, students will be prepared to take courses that help them carry out customer analysis.


It is easily understandable for beginners. It requires a real knowledge of programming language for a start, making it user friendly and less complicated to get along with.


It doesn’t guarantee your access to new jobs on completion. Instead, you need to do further learning before you can perform significant analytics that can get you money-paying gigs.

Who is it for

This is for everyone who owns a customer-intensive business or services. It helps them see ways in which they can gather data from their business and how they can process it to make better decisions for business growth. Also, businesses who want to see what their superiors in their respective industries are doing better than them in the aspects of analytics will find this course very helpful.

Udacity: Predictive Analytics for Business

This program is actually designed to help students learn how to do thorough data analysis, create dashboards, and make accurate predictions after they must have been able to build reliable predictive models from real-world data. It is an 18-hour nano-degree program put together by udacity with all the needed facilities to help students learn effectively from the comfort of their home.


It is very practical as you will be provided with real-world projects to work on. This will make it easy for you to come up with ideas you can work on as soon as you are through with the course.


Learning the ropes might take longer than expected for students who are new to the world of analytics because they will have to spend a little more time learning how to use basic tools.

Who is it for

It is basically designed for business owners who are interested in making smart decisions that will catapult their establishment to the next level. Also, it is for business managers who are trying to deduce the best move in terms of decision making and convincing superiors in their establishments to trust their suggestions. It is also designed for statistics experts who are interested in skilling up and putting themselves in a position to get more quality clients.

edX Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a multi-sectoral business concept that helps business owners predict consumer behavior. This course is often the turning point for most businesses as it helps them in making decisions such as the condition of the stock market after some times, probability of a recession in the future, etc. Statistical models such as multiple linear regression, decision trees, neural networks, and a host of others are utilized in this regards.


It helps learners gain information about future possibilities far ahead of others, putting them in a vantage position to make decisions that will pay off later.


There is no guarantee first-time learners will find it comfortable to take the course as an entry point to the world of data analytics because it is fully packed.

Who is it for

Students who are keen to boost their skills and knowledge base in the world of predictive analysis will find this course very helpful. Learners who are just starting in the field of data analytics can utilize this course as a starting point. Business owners with keen competition in their industry will find this course to be a boost for their practice when completed and applied to their operations.

Predictive Analytics (Coursera)

This course is designed by coursera to help students design statistical experiments and help them do the analysis using the latest statistical methods. The course will help learners understand the concept and working principle of machine learning models. Ultimately, they will learn to apply them to real-world problems.


It is quite practical for learners. This will help them come up with ideas on problems that can be solved using predictive analytics.


A gap in the knowledge acquisition trend of the course will make the learning effortless productive.

Who is it for

The course is designed for individuals with substantial background knowledge of statistics who are interested in sharpening their skills for job opportunities and putting themselves in a position to solve real-life problems.

Common Question about Online Predictive Analytics Courses

Here are the most commonly asked questions about predictive analytics classes and training courses online.

How to Choose a Predictive Analytics Course?

When taking predictive analytics courses, you should look out for course content that picks up analytics from scratch and explains them with the right tools and real-world data. Also, it is important that a proper mentorship programmer is made available for learners. This is important because learners will have something to fall back on if they encounter any difficulty trying to deploy their knowledge base to real-life problems even if it means they have to make an extra payment to have access to this service.

What is the Best Predictive Analytics Course for Beginners?

Wharton customer analysis is obviously the best for beginners. A look at the course outline shows that much is not expected from learners taking this course. Instead, they are only expected to get familiar with the world of analytics and have a sneak-peak into what it has to offer in the direction of improved customer service.

However, it won’t be so productive for learners to take this course and stop right there. Instead, they will have to take more advanced predictive analytics courses right after they are done with it to get the best results.