best-online-singing-lessonsUsing the best online singing lessons website will teach you how to sing and become a great musician. Whether at home, at a party, wedding, or a funeral, we all relate to music one way or another. Singing is one of those skills that a majority of people desire to have but unfortunately, not everyone can sing like the superstars who grace our screens every day. The good news, however, is that singing can be learned and with the advancements in technology, nowadays, it’s as easy as enrolling in an online course the same way you would try learning a foreign language.

The truth is that there are so many singing courses online for beginners and intermediaries alike that you can enroll in and contrary to popular belief you don’t need to break the bank to learn to sing. Finding the right course is as simple as knowing what you want from the course and how much you are willing to spend.

Enrolling in a singing course can be the beginning of a beautiful career in singing or helping others learn music. With these courses, you learn everything from vocals to writing lyrics.

Here are the Best Online Singing Lessons & Vocal Courses in 2020

Below is a list of the best singing lesson websites that will help you train your voice and learn how to sing.

30 Day Singer

The popular opinion out there is that not everyone was born with the singing gene and that singing can’t be learned. If the reason you have never given singing a chance is because of this assumption, then the 30-day singer program is for you. While the name may put you off at first, the program is comprehensive and while you will not instantly transform to a Grammy award superstar, this program will teach you everything you need to know pertaining to the singing fundamentals in a month.

The main advantage of this program besides being the best for beginners is that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee and it’s ideal for anyone who has the singing talent but hasn’t received the right kind of training. On the downside, as far as singing programs go, the monthly or yearly subscription rather than one-off payment can be a turnoff.

The 30-day singer online program is ideal for beginners who have been made to believe that they can’t sing. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants to learn the singing styles of some of the best pop artists of our time and apply that in their singing. Additionally, the 30-day singer can be a game-changer for those who have the raw talent to sing and produce good music but have never received the right training to set them on the right path.


Singorama is a singing program that is directed by the former pop star and vocal coach, Melanie Alexander. The program is ideal for beginners and professional singers alike and entails theory as well as songwriting. There are 28 online vocal lessons in total that you have to cover in addition to comprehensive advice regarding stage fright that most people suffer from. Covering all the basics of singing, the lessons also include vocal exercises as well as warm-ups.

The good thing about this program is that it comes with special software that is designed to help improve your singing voice and not to mention the 60-day money-back guarantee is worth a try. On the other hand, while it is a great singing program, the only way you can learn singing is if you have a computer being that the course is purely software-based and compared to other programs, this one is far from being comprehensive.

In terms of applicability, the Singorama singing lessons program as mentioned earlier is ideal for beginners who have not had any training in singing at all or who don’t think they can sing. It is also applicable to those who want to learn different singing styles as well as the fundamentals of singing that they can apply to their work. It is also a good program for professional singers who want to polish their vocals to stand out.

Roger Love Singing Academy

From the likes of Eminem, John Mayer, Demi Lovato, Maroon 5, The Jonas Brothers, to The Beach Boys, Roger Love is one of the best vocal trainers in the world and has been a vocal coach for award-winning TV singing shows like Glee. His online singing courses are very popular and are ideal for every level with a special focus on vocals. There are four online voice lessons and three courses that you can choose from depending on your level of expertise. You can upgrade to the next level being that you have unlimited access to the courses once you make a purchase.

In terms of course pros, you will be learning from the best of the best and someone who has vocal trained so many well-known musicians as well as Hollywood actors and actresses and not to mention you get a free preview of some of the teaching material he uses. On the downside, the course may not work very well for beginners who have not had any exposure to singing but it’s something worth trying.

The Roger Love online courses are ideal for anyone who is looking to improve their vocals and the Roger Love method as it is popularly known can be applicable for public speakers of all kinds from politicians, authors, fitness instructors, teachers, as well as actors and actresses as is the case with the likes of Reese Witherspoon that Roger has trained. Ideally, the singing course applies to singers and those who are looking to train their vocals and learn how well-known singers do it.

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass

5 time Grammy award winner, Christina Aguilera has one of the best and strongest voices in the music scene and her singing masterclass is something that you should consider trying out if you want to become a good singer. Like other online courses, her 6-week singing course teaches you everything from warm-ups, how to protect your voice, vocal training, live and studio microphones, transforming a studio performance to a live performance, breath control, diction, beat, overcoming anxiety when performing to self-expression.

The main advantages of the course are that you will be learning vocals and singing from Christina herself and you get an unlimited subscription or an all-access pass rather than paying monthly or yearly. However, while the course is great for anyone who wants to learn singing from the superstar, compared to other courses, it is not as comprehensive and is better off as a supplement to other courses you may undertake.

Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass is ideal for beginners in that the very first lesson dives into beginner tips that involve learning how to warm up, singing styles as well as how to protect your voice. It is also ideal for professional and advanced singers as well as anyone else who is looking to advance into a career in stage singing. The more advanced lessons that involve learning how to sing live, sing with others, and a look at her journey can be an addition for anyone who wants to advance in their vocals and singing.

Superior Singing Method

If you have exposure to singing but want to improve on your vocals and singing altogether, the Superior Singing Method is the best program for you. The program is comprehensive in that it covers everything from the vocal intensity, pitch as well as frequency and not to mention it comes with supplementary worksheets. The 8 module course also covers ways of identifying your tone, improving your vocal power and agility as well as developing your mix voice.

In terms of advantages, the Superior Singing Method’s price is affordable for most people and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee as well as special bonuses that can mount to $119. Additionally, vocal excises are hard to find in other courses. Based on online reviews, the course has been termed as dry and you might get bored along the way and there is the annoying bit of having to review past videos multiple times to ‘get’ the program.

The Superior Singing Method is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their vocals from beginners, advanced to professional singers. It is also perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to sing some higher notes, get rid of tension when singing as well as those who are yet to identify their tone. Additionally, the course applies to anyone who was not born a natural singer by teaching vocal control, muscle strengthening, and pitch.

Common Singing Lesson Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about taking voice lessons and vocal courses online.

How to Pick the Right Voice lessons course online?

There are so many online singing courses at your disposal that it might be overwhelming figuring out the one that fits you. When selecting an online singing course, the price will always be an issue but at the end of the day, consider how accessible the lesson is.

Online lessons are way better because you have limited access whenever you are than software-based programs that require you to have a computer. Also consider the number of exercises the course has because since singing is practice, you need as many exercises as you can get.

You should also think about what other instruments you play. For example, if you play guitar you might want a vocal training course that covers some of the songs that you know how to play on guitar– or at the least a set of lessons that covers the same style of singing as the genre of guitar playing you like.

What’s the best online singing lesson website for beginners?

Finding a course as a beginner is difficult and not to mention you might feel overwhelmed because you don’t know where to look. With that in mind, the 30 Day Singer course is the best course for anyone who has not been exposed to singing and wants to.

Others you can try include Singorama, Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass, Roger Love’s Singing Academy, and HearAndPlay’s Vocal Mastery System.