best-marketing-analytics-coursesLearning from the best marketing analytics courses online will prepare you for a career in one of the fasting growing industries online. In this rapidly advancing world, it is very critical to keep the marketing analytics strategies and methodologies updated in order to stay in the race with the ever-increasing demand for marketing. Over the years, the impact of marketing analytics in predicting the market trends has increased drastically. Marketing analytics is one of the best ways to measure, manage, evaluate and analyze the marketing performance on a global front.

With marketing analytics, the professional marketers can be more efficient at their job and need not waste time on manual evaluation of marketing performance. The advantage of having good marketing analytics knowledge is that you can monitor the marketing strategies, methods, their outcomes and ensure that you spend every dollar in the most effective way as possible.

Some of the best courses related to the marketing analytics that are available online are provided below with their unique features, pros as well as cons.

Here are the Best Marketing Analytics Courses & Certifications Online

Below is a list of the best marketing analytics courses that will take your business career to the next level.

University of California – Marketing Analytics Certification

The Marketing Analytics Certification Course offered by Berkley focuses on different aspects of marketing investment and analytics. Some of the prominent topics covered in this marketing analytics course includes Marketing Measurement Strategy, Price and Promotion Analytics and competitive analysis. People who are interested in knowing the various marketing strategies, learn about how the analytics works for various products and its impact on the sales must definitely take this course to gain a broader knowledge on marketing strategies.

Once you successfully finish the course you will then be eligible for admission to the renowned Master of Marketing program at Curtin university. This Marketing program courses would ensure that you gain a lot of knowledge on how the strategies can have a positive impact on the sales and distribution of the products. This marketing analytics courses will help you understand the competitive trends, the decision trees and other approached to determine the date and statistics related to marketing. The best aspect of this marketing course is that it focused more on the practical applications of R and other programming languages and also would help you gain a more in-depth knowledge on how strategies work in the busy world.


  • A coherently formed marketing analytics course that explains various concepts in the simplest form.
  • Several common frequently asked questions are documented in courses regarding the marketing analytics strategies.


  • This marketing course focuses more on the practical applications of marketing strategies.
  • A lot of focus on the current trends of marketing.


  • Less concentration on how the marketing strategies work for various scenarios
  • Not much information provided on how the sales get impacted in a larger extent due to marketing strategies

Columbia University – Marketing Analytics Certification

People who are interested in learning the various methods and strategies to predict and forecast the trend of markets must definitely take this marketing analytics certification course offered by the Columbia University. You will learn several statistical approaches that can help you gain broader knowledge on how the marketing trend might follow in the future. Once you complete this marketing analytics certification course successfully, you will be able to acquire the skill of calculating the optimal pricing for various products in the markets.

This marketing analytics course offered by the Columbia University is a part of the Business Analytics Micro-Masters program that touches base on various aspects of marketing analytics and its impact on the overall sales. You will learn how to leverage the business data, perform various statistical computations and also employ the machine learning methodologies to forecast and predict the sales trend. Some of the pros, cons and the features of this course is listed below.


  • This market analytics certification course covers a lot of advanced techniques and strategies to derive future marketing trends.
  • Provides ideas and suggestions to forecast the sales easily that would help in market segmentation to a great extent.


  • Great focus on the existing probabilistic models as well as optimization tools to enhance better market predictability.
  • Gives you enormous practical applications on how the marketing analytics is applied.


  • Currently people from certain parts of the world like Iran or Cuba cannot take this certification courses by Columbia University.
  • Lack of information on the impact created by the regression or analysis methods in real-time scenarios.

University of Virginia – Marketing Analytics

The marketing analytics course by the University of Virginia is renowned for its coherent course structure that covers various marketing analytics strategies. You can find this course in Course and at the end of the course, you will be able to build your own architecture to measure the impact of marketing analytics over the brand value. Many people who have successfully finished this course feels elated that the course had multiple facets of marketing analytics covered.

In addition, this course will help you to set up the regressions, introspect and interpret various statistical outputs to derive conclusions over the marketing trends. You will be able to weigh the marketing analytics in terms of economic as well as the on the statistical front. Marketers, the marketing specialist, marketing managers and marketing analyst had shown keen interest in successfully completing this verification course offered by the University of Virginia that is available in Coursera.


  • The course covers grounds on the confounding effects and biases of the marketing analytics strategies.
  • The course has exercise work with extremely flexible deadlines and enough practical applications related to the marketing trends.


  • A neatly coherently organized course covering grounds on the marketing analytic strategies that would suit different industries.
  • Clarity on the real-time applications, the impact of the marketing analytics strategies in determining the sales of products.


  • Lack of precise information on details related to investing marketing dollars in an extremely effective manner.
  • Insufficient real-time examples of scenarios where specific market analytic methods have resulted in a profitable way.

Wharton – Marketing Analytics: Data Tools and Techniques

The University of Pennsylvania offers a very interesting marketing analytics certification course that would help people who are interested in knowing the marketing strategies nuances that are currently in use. The core part of this course will focus on the regression and conjoint analysis. With conjoint analysis approach, you will be able to classify the high priority factors that greatly impacts the sales and distribution of products. In addition, you will also become aware of the new techniques that are currently being employed in the market research arena.

It is also ensured that the course has several real-time examples that illustrates the impact created by the good market analytics strategies. You will also gain knowledge on the tools available in the market in order to make data-driven decisions related to the current market trend. At the end of the course, you will also get a strong-hold on the social media analytics and how the statistical interpretations can be made to determine the sales and distribution of different products.


  • Great course structure for people interested in knowing conjoint analysis and social media analytics related to the current market.
  • A lot of information related to the new techniques in the market research can be found in this course.


  • A very simple coherently organized marketing analytics topics with real-time examples.
  • A detailed explanation of the social media analytics and the conjoint analytics methods.


  • Limited coverage over topics related to the data driven methods and the marketing analytics strategies for forecasting.
  • Less information on the tools that can be used to derive marketing analytic conclusions

University of Illinois – Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals

This Digital Analytics course would work best for the marketing professional who would like to broaden their sense of knowledge in the field of market analytics. This course offered by the University of Illinois is a very flexible as well as a fully accredited online MBA course that is made available in Coursera to people from various parts at a completely reasonable price. The initial part of the course would focus more on the digital influence on the marketing field on a large scale.

The course will also have a topic that covers the basics of web analytics which would strengthen your knowledge on the various web analytics platforms, tools and other types of global marketing problems. In addition, this course will also cover the metrics and ways to measure the interaction with brands and customers. You will be provided with a lot of information of the various digital analytics tools.


  • This digital marketing analytics will also provide you the common promises as well as the pitfalls of the digital data.
  • The course provides the list of challenges of marketing analytics and simple ways to overcome it.


  • A detailed explanation of the web analytics platforms, interaction on the global market is provided to the users.
  • The different ways by which the marketing can be influenced digitally is also provided


  • Not much information on the various statistical and forecasting tools related to the marketing analytics.
  • Very fewer practical applications where the marketing analytics has impacted strongly.

Become a Marketing Analyst – Nano-degree Program (Udacity)

‘Become a Marketing Analyst’ is a renowned Nano-degree Program that one can find in Udacity which covers several concepts of marketing analytics. Once you complete this course successfully, you will find your foundational data skills to increase drastically. The course would cover all the concepts that one requires to become a supreme marketing analyst. You will gain knowledge on how to analyze the data efficiently, perform model marketing and on how to use the several web analytics platforms and the tools for marketing analytics.

The estimated time for the completion of this Nano-Degree program is 3 months. At the end of the course, you would have gained a great foundation knowledge on data analysis and visualization. With the data visualization skill, you will be able to apply the principles, create dashboards and storybooks that would represent the marketing analytics information. The best part of this course is that it has a lot of real-time illustrations that would help you understand the impact of marketing analytics on a global front.


  • The course contains some practical interesting examples like building data dashboards reflecting the marketing analytics studies.
  • Enormous information on the renowned marketing strategies and its impact.


  • You can find a wide range of marketing as well as business metrics which will eventually help you in evaluating your own marketing analytics strategies.
  • Many interesting scenarios, illustrations, practical applications that would kindle your innovative thinking over marketing analytics is present on this course.


  • The sub-topics related to the Google Analytics is arranged in a slightly complicated way making it difficult for interpretation.
  • Information regarding the deadlines, the best guidelines to approach this degree program is not provided in an efficient way.

Marketing Analytics & Automation Classes Online (Udemy)

The ‘Marketing Analytics & Automation’ courses are provided by Udemy and you can find curse online with flexible deadlines. The best part of this course is that it is coherently organized and structures such that the material would cater the needs of a beginner as well as a marketing analytics professional. You will be able to go through the topics, perform practice test and exercises at your very own pace as the deadlines are extremely flexible.

This course offered by Udemy focuses more on how the marketing strategies can help in determining the future progress of the marketing trends. Under the Marketing Analytics & Automation, Udemy offers several courses related to the marketing analytics. Some of the courses that focus on marketing analytics, strategies, methods, tools include SQL for data analysis, Google Tag Manager training course and the marketing analytics course for beginners. People who are interested in getting a broad knowledge on how the marketing analytics work, the regression and other forms of analytic methods must consider the courses offered by Udemy.


  • The course offers a wide knowledge on the marketing analytic platform and also on how the automation can be brought to the marketing world.
  • Provides specific information on how the SQL can be used for the marketing data analysis.


  • Easy access to various marketing analytics and automation courses that has flexible deadlines.
  • Coherently organized courses related to marketing analytics that would suit both the beginner as well as a marketing analyst.


  • Insufficient real-time examples showcasing the impact that would be created by excellent marketing analytics strategies and tools.
  • Lack of information on the web analytics platforms and the ways the statistical interpretations can be made.

Essec Business School – Foundations of Marketing Analytics

The ‘Foundations of Marketing Analytics’ is offered by the Essec Business School and is well-designed to suit the knowledge needs for students, beginners, marketing and business analysts. You can find this course in Coursera and the course structure is flexible with no strict deadlines for exercises or tests. This course is a part of the Strategic Business Analytics Specialization covering several interesting marketing analytics topics. The syllabus for the course is designed and developed by several marketing analytics experts from all over the world.

Once you complete this course successfully, you would have acquired skills like marketing analytics, marketing segmentation and also performance measurement, management. People who have a foundational knowledge on R or any other programming language are welcomed to take up this course to gain more knowledge on several data analysis techniques like regression, classification as well as the clustering. Make sure to understand the concepts clearly to gain comprehensive knowledge on various statistical methods and marketing analytics strategies.


  • This course covers a lot of ground on marketing segmentation which would help you in understanding your customer’s requirements and developing models.
  • A separate module dedicated to ‘Customer Lifetime Value’ that will help you to make the marketing predictions and forecasting.


  • A lot of coherent information on statistical segmentation and managerial segmentation precisely described.
  • The courses structure is coherently organized with many real-time examples related to marketing analytics.


  • Lack of information on the working of web analytics on the global front.
  • Not much focus on the specific regression methods, conjoint analysis or the social media analytics.

Emory University – Foundations of Marketing Analytics

This is one of the most interesting courses that you can find in Coursera related to the Marketing Analytics and its impact on the marketing industry. This course is offered by the Emory University and is very flexible when it comes to deadlines. ‘Foundations of Marketing Analytics’ is a specialization course that would help you acquire skills like market segmentation, statistical and web analytics platforms. The course is well structured such that it suits the beginners, market analysts, managers as well as the user experience researchers.

In this specialization, you will find six major courses including marketing insights, managing uncertainty in marketing analytics, forecasting models, survey analysis, social media analytics, and project. The highly appreciated aspect of this specialization course found in Coursera is that the major concepts related to the marketing analytics are covered with sufficient examples. The course is made flexible and has concepts explained in a simple way.


  • This marketing analytics specialization course has a capstone project as a part of syllabus that would help you gain a lot of practical knowledge.
  • The course has an interesting topic, ‘Survey Analysis’ that would provide you meaning insights on marketing analytics.


  • The courses under this specialization are well-organized and sufficient case studies are provided for better understanding.
  • Detailed explanation of the social media analytics practice and its impact on marketing industry is provided.


  • Lack of information about the practice of market analytics tools that are available currently in the market.
  • Insufficient real-time examples related to the social media analytics and the web platform analytic tools

Digital Marketing Analytics (MIT Management Executive Education)

This course, ‘Digital Marketing Analytics’ aims at providing a detailed overview of some of the excellent practices in the digital marketing, analysis and metrics. In addition, the course focuses on providing knowledge on how the digital analytics tools can be integrated to derive conclusive statistical results. This course can be considered as one of the best self-paced courses related to the digital marketing analytics. The course is coherently structured well and is designed to suit beginners as well as professionals.

Once you finish this course successfully, you would have gained hands-on experience of the several analytic tools as well as marketing analytic strategies. In addition, you will be able to develop a model using the available analytic tools to predict and recommend the best marketing analytics strategies for the real-time problem. The course is offered by MIT and has several case study scenarios related to the marketing analytics is illustrated for better understanding.


  • This Marketing analytics course has a very interesting module in the syllabus related to implementing the completely predictive analytic model.
  • In addition, the course also has a capstone project related to creating an optimized digital marketing analytic platform.


  • The course will provide you detailed foundational knowledge on the digital marketing analytics channel.
  • A lot of practical examples is provided to illustrate the concept and ways to implement the integrated digital marketing in real-time


  • Lack of information on the pattern of exercises or tests found at the end of a specific module in the syllabus
  • Less examples of real-time scenario where some marketing analytic strategies have worked while the others have not worked.


Common Marketing Analytics Course Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions about online marketing analytics courses and certifications.

What will I learn in an Online Marketing Analytics Course?

The analytics knowledge will help you immensely to evaluate the success rate of your marketing ideologies and methods. The marketing analytics, in general uses several business metrics such as marketing distribution to evaluate the overall marketing effectiveness. In recent years, owing to the demand for marketing analytics, several courses have been formulated by marketing analyst experts from reputed institutions.

You can find several marketing analytics courses online with detailed information on the instructor, course syllabus, exercises, projects and the key skills that you could acquire once you complete it. There are some specific marketing analytics courses for both beginners as well as professionals.