best-fintech-coursesTaking the best Fintech course will prepare you for an exciting career in the financial technologies field and beyond. Financial technology or FinTech is a relatively new trend in finance, and it is one that is here to stay. Many continuously evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, InsurTech etc. dominate the field of FinTech. As the finance sector becomes more and more automated, an increasing number of people are expanding their skill set by learning FinTech.

To help in the seemingly complex task of learning FinTech and its applications, online courses are proving to be quite useful. Here, we have summarized some of the best online FinTech courses that are teaching financial technology to enthusiasts and job-seekers.

Here are the Best FinTech Courses Online in 2020

Below is a list of the best FinTech courses and certifications to help you become a professional expert.

FinTech Pro Certificate Program by University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong offers this course through edX. This program consists of three separate courses that cover all the bases of FinTech. There is an introductory course on FinTech, a course on ethics and financial risks, and a third one focusing on the applications and limitations of blockchain technology and FinTech.The program is led by expert professors, experienced entrepreneurs, and other reputed professionals in the industry.

It is spread over five months, and only expects you to invest 2 – 4 hours each week. Each of the three courses will take up over six weeks. However, candidates also have the option to change the pace of the program depending on the time they can spare for the course. Upon successful completion, the program also earns its enrollees a FinTech Professional Certificate from the Global Academy of Finance and Management. The entire program costs around $535.

FinTech and Financial Services Transformation by CBS (Coursera)

Coursera offers this course, taught by the Copenhagen Business School, as one of the modules in theDigital Transformation in Financial Services Specialization. The specialization itself is intended for beginners and designed for those who want to pursue a job in digital financial industries.This particular course of the specialization talks about payment infrastructure and instruments, lending, crowdfunding and open banking, and the regulatory frameworks relevant to financial services.

As part of its FinTech essentials section, the course also discusses technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain technology, robo-advisor etc. It can be completed in around ten hours, spread over a period of four weeks. Moreover, participants are required to take as many as 23 quizzes to test their progress. If you complete the entire specialization, you also get a certificate of completion in the end. The certificate can be shared with employers with whom you may be seeking FinTech jobs. There are no enrollment charges for this course.

Fintech: Foundations and Applications by University of Pennsylvania

This is another Coursera specialization, offered by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.This specialization program is also composed of four different courses. One of the courses is focused on building the foundations of FinTech for all the candidates, irrespective of their training level in the field.Like the previous Coursera offering, this one also talks about payment methods, financial regulations, investments, etc.Another course in the program focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.The third one discusses in detail the areas of roboadvising, crowdfunding and investing.

The last module teaches the uses of AI, InsurTech, real estate technology in the finance sector. After the coursework, candidates must also pursue a hands-on project. The program takes four months to complete, at three hours per week. Upon completion, the candidates also receive a certificate of completion which can be shared with potential employers. This program also does not charge any enrollment fee.

FinTech Foundations (Coursera)

This is yet another FinTech course offered through Coursera. This course is taught by the Hing Kong University of Science and Technology and is a part of Coursera’s FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation Specialization. This is a course aimed at beginners. Like some of the other courses we have discussed above, one module of this course also teaches the participants about lending, crowdfunding, payments, investments and types of cryptocurrencies. Another module sheds light on blockchain technology, encryption, AI, big data analytics and other such technologies relevant to FinTech.

There is also a special segment where the effects of FinTech usage on already established businesses are highlighted. The entire coursework is spread over four weeks, demanding the enrollees to spend overfifteen hours on reading and watching the course material. Several quizzes act as checkpoints for the candidates to test their understanding and evaluate their progress. Once again, enrollment in this course is free of charge.

FinTech Law & Policy by Duke University

This Duke University FinTech course is also presented to interested candidates through Coursera. As the name suggests, the purpose of this course is to teach about the legal and regulatory aspects of FinTech. The course walks the learners through FinTechregulators, cryptocurrency, FinTech lending models, FinTech payments as well as wealth management. One module of the course also explains how FinTech firms can become banks and what government agencies regulate such banks. However, this part of the course is specific to the United States. This is a beginner level course divided over five weeks.

Altogether, it takes around fourteen hours to finish the program. Quizzes are posted at different checkpoints to test your understanding of the course material and a shareable certificate of completion is offered. Learners can also tune the course deadlines as per their availability. Moreover, just like many other FinTech programs on Coursera, this one can also be pursued free of cost.

Our Recommendation

FinTech is a budding field that needs more experts to take it forward. However, many do not have a clue as to where to begin. Here are our recommendations.

If you want to earn a professional certificate in FinTech, choose the program offered by edX. If your focus is purely to acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of FinTech and its various technologies, we would recommend one of the many courses offered by Coursera.

If you aspire to get a job in FinTech, go for the Transformation in Financial Services specialization on Coursera. With the information we have provided, we know you will take a wise and informed decision to boost your FinTech career.