best-financial-modeling-coursesUsing the best financial modeling course will bring your analytical finance and excel skills to the next level. Financial modeling is an inherent part of the journey towards becoming a finance expert, and if you aiming to learn it quickly on it will be a wise move on your part. You need to look for a course that provides you with the knowledge of creating financial models as well as analyzing them. In ant financial analyst position, the understanding of financial models will help you analyze the various aspects with added ease and accuracy.

There are a host of courses that teach financial modeling and the various concepts associated with it. Many of them are meant for students, some specifically for business owners, and others for both. If you are a small time business owner you should absolutely consider learning financial modeling and analysis since it will help your grow your business in a systematic method. And if you are a student then a financial modeling degree will ensure that weigh heavily in the job market. It is also an essential skill for anyone trying to become a professional business analyst.

That said, below listed are some of the best financial modeling courses available online for you to choose from. Read through them carefully to know about the various pros, cons, and features of each. Choose the one that seems pertinent for your cause and scope of usage of financial modeling skills.

Here are the Best Financial Modeling Courses & Online Certifications in 2020

Below is a list of the best financial modeling courses online to take your corporate finance and investing knowledge to the next level.

Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling & Valuation

Microsoft Excel is an integral part of financial modeling, and this is the perfect course to learn it from scratch right up to the pro level. This serves as a crash course in the advanced excel features such that it will increase your speed as well as knowledge.

Other skills you will be learning in this course are building company valuation models, creating P&L statements based on raw data, creating multi scenario models, pro level chart making, etc. With these skills in your resume you will be able to build your career on solid grounds, and the course is quite short although intensive.


  • The course features more than 10 hours of on demand video recorded by professional tutors.
  • You can take this course regardless of being a beginner or pro level user of Excel, it will strengthen your basics and provide advanced level knowledge as well.


  • Provides a comprehensive understand of how to create financial models using Excel’s advanced features.
  • You will have lifetime access to all resources provided for the course.
  • Multi device accessibility available.
  • Multi lingual services available for overseas students.


  • No reputed academy certificate.
  • More stress on Excel usage than theoretical concepts.

Macquarie University – Excel Skills for Business Specialization (coursera)

This course primarily seeks to improve Excel based digital business skills through a combination of four different specialized courses. Apart from learning the advanced Excel features you will be learning real world usage of these features in performing complex calculations, creating professional spreadsheets, dashboard management, etc.

It is a basic level course so if you are unaware about Excel’s usage you can sign up for this course and learn right up to advanced levels.


  • By the end of this course you will be able to perform all data centric tasks on Excel such as manipulating and formatting, creating tables and charts, creating navigation aid, etc.
  • The course also features a hand-on project that allows you to learn to use your skills in real life situations.


  • The course is 3 months long and is extremely flexible.
  • Multi lingual services available for overseas students.
  • Learn all levels of Excel in this one course.


  • Course is a bit lengthy considering syllabus scope.
  • Not much specialization on building financial models.

Wharton Online – Business and Financial Modeling Specialization (coursera)

This is a short foundational course that heavily weighs on the theoretical aspects of a business decision. At the same time it covers theoretical aspects of financial analysis such as spreadsheet usage, model creation, valuation, forecasting, etc. It is quite a wholesome course when it comes to understanding financial modeling, but certain aspects of Excel usage are not covered in it.

However, you will be an expert at crating financial models and serve professional level requirements. Other than Excel some of the skills you will be gaining are simulation, linear programming, etc.


  • This course allows you to not only learn financial model creation but also take decisions based on them.
  • Risk management and optimum result based decisions are real life skills that you will be taught as part of this course.


  • Short beginner level course and highly flexible that you can fit into any routine.
  • Multi lingual provisions available for overseas students.
  • The course provides in-depth understanding of financial modeling.


  • Certain advanced Excel usage not covered by the course.
  • Lack of real life training.

University of Maryland – Financial Accounting (edX)

This is a short and precise course and it is also available for free; but the degree from University of Maryland is going to cost you quite a bit. It will teach you to read and understand professional level financial statements and also communicate your analysis of it. If you are a business student or lower level analyst, then this course will be extremely helpful towards climbing up your career.

Some of the primary concepts you will be learning in this course are impact of financial transactions, using financial statements, preparing balance sheets, etc. You will have access to lectures from 3 different UoM professors and over the course of two months you will be an expert at financial accounting.


  • This course teaches how financial modeling serves as a tool of business decision making.
  • Communication skills relating to financial modeling analysis is a specialized module in this course.


  • Short advanced level course directed at career building skills.
  • Provides in depth knowledge of financial analysis and modeling.


  • Course certificate fee is quite high.
  • No multi lingual services available for overseas students.

Financial Modeling for Startups & Small Businesses (Udemy)

This course is aimed at delivering the skills necessary for a business owner to be able to create a financial model of the business. You will be able to create models for user growth, revenues, expenses, attritions, and also forecast cash necessity. This is a really helpful course if you want to learn practical skills with ease and quickly.

The course features up to 12 hours of video that will be available to you for entire lifetime along with other course material as well. It also teaches you how to understand a financial model and analyze different aspects of your business with it.


  • If you are a small business owner who wants to grow the business scale, this course will be highly helpful you.
  • This is by no means an introductory course into financial modeling but rather a highly practical one.


  • The course can be accessed on multiple smart devices.
  • The scope of the course is highly practical.
  • By the end of this course you will have the working knowledge of creating a financial model.


  • No multi lingual resources available for overseas students.
  • Course does not concentrate on core theoretical ideas.

Build Finance Models & Value Companies The Easy Way (Udemy)

This is a very basic level and rather short course on building financial models. It is also priced in a similar manner can fit in perfectly with any other major course you are pursuing. It does not go into theoretical side of finance models; rather it teaches you a working method of creating one and analyzing company valuation from it.

The course is taught by a former Goldman Sachs finance modeling expert who is also an award winning professor. For a very small price you will gain lifetime access to a multiple articles video lessons.


  • The course consists of a total 18 lectures spanning over 44 minutes.
  • You will be learning 3 different methods of company valuation by using a finance model.


  • Short course can be fit into any busy schedule.
  • Course can be accessed on multiple smart devices.
  • This course teaches you easy to use methods of creating finance models.


  • Course is not in-depth and cannot serve as your primary course on finance modeling.
  • No multi lingual services available for overseas students.

Yonsei University – Valuation and Financial Analysis For Startups Specialization (coursera)

This is a basic level course but it goes into some of the important foundational concepts of company valuation and financial analysis. Some of the skills you will be learning are calculating founder’s ownership valuation, creating pro-forma statements, determining financial health, etc.

This course is highly helpful for both company owners who want to understand the financial operations in depth and also if you are a student who are looking to make a career as a financial analyst. Some of the specific topics included in this course are monetary valuation, cash flow methodology, capital budgeting, current trends, etc.


  • Some of the skills you will be gaining as part of this course are discounted cash flow methods, enterprise valuation, bond valuation, etc.
  • The course will provide you with a certificate from Yonsei University that will surely weigh heavily on your resume.


  • The course is over 2 months long and is highly flexible.
  • Multi lingual resources available for overseas students.
  • You will be learning real life skills as well as important concepts.


  • Course time is short considering scope of syllabus.
  • Lack of hands-on practice of creating financial models.

Investopedia Academy – Financial Modeling

This is an in-depth course that covers almost every aspect of financial modeling and of course teaches you how to create one. You will be provided with a host of real life projects that will help you learn the various concepts. It will equally invest in the process of teaching theories so that your concepts of analyzing the model are absolutely thorough.

The first lesson itself will teach you how to create a working financial model and you will be creating several of them during this course. This course is a perfect per-cursor to your MBA degree and is a definite career builder.


  • The course consists of 8 parts that serve as a combination of practical skills and theoretical concepts.
  • The aim of this course is to allow you learn how to create and analyze a financial model for both a Fortune 500 company and a startup


  • Course provides lifetime access to great content including 8 hours of video.
  • Course instructed by highly competent professors.
  • Certain fee waiver for students and U.S. army members


  • Course cost is quite high.
  • Basic knowledge of finance is a prerequisite for this course.

Corporate Finance Institute – Financial Analyst Training Courses

CFI is a highly reputed institute for business studies and this online course provides access to their lectures recorded from financial modeling and financial analysis programs. Some of the topics covered by this course are investment banking, equity research, corporate finance, financial planning, etc. alongside teaching you to how to craft a financial plan from scratch.

There are a host of courses that you can choose to learn in-depth knowledge of various aspects of financial planning, or you can choose the self-study bundle that provides you with a wholesome knowledge of both the practical needs and theoretical concepts.


  • Some of the in-depth courses deal with accounting fundamentals, reading financial statements, Excel operations, corporate finance maths, etc.
  • CFI will provide a certification of a financial analyst grade upon completion of this course.


  • Course can be modified as per your needs.
  • Various bundles available that provide holistic knowledge at different levels.
  • Students gain lifetime access to the course material.


  • Too many courses to choose from rather than a few bundle courses.
  • Course cost is quite high.

Wall Street Prep – Learn Financial Modeling and Set Yourself Apart

This is a very useful and highly insightful course into how to use financial models to the advantage of a business or company. The course will also involve boot camps that will teach you real life skills regarding financial analysis. Some of the topics covered by this course are corporate training, WSP consulting, private equity, financial analysis, business development, etc.

Most importantly the course will allow you to build up a network of financial leaders which will weigh in heavily when you enter the job market. It is created in such a way that you can self-study through all the concepts with the help of professional resources.


  • You will be made job ready through the various boot camps conducted as part of the course.
  • You will be in direct conversation with an instructor thereby allowing you clarify concepts whenever necessary.


  • Course provides importance towards both theoretical and practical concepts.
  • The course will prepare you to serve in the top investment banks as financial analysts.
  • This course is helpful towards both business students and finance professionals.


  • Parts of the course are on-campus.
  • Lengthy course and not very flexible.

Frequently Asked Online Financial Modeling Course Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about online financial modeling courses and certifications.

What will you learn in a financial modeling course?

Financial modeling is highly based on Microsoft Excel formatting and other advanced skills. So, these are also skills that you should look for in the course you take up.

There are many financial modeling courses available online, so you will be able to fit your usual routine into them without any hassle. Some of them will also provide you with a certificate from a reputed University.

Lastly, a professional financial modeling course will allow you learn hands on experience that will help you be job ready as soon as you graduate. And if you are a working professional in the finance department it will ensure that your job prospective is heightened.