best-financial-and-capital-market-coursesThe best financial market or capital market courses can provide you a sure shot career at a market analyst or business analyst position throughout various industries. This is one of the primary reasons why you might be considering such a course. And the great part about financial and capital market courses is that they are available online and many of them you can fit into a busy schedule as well.

We have compiled some of the best online financial and capital market courses available, and all of them are connected to reputable universities. Go through the list and decide which one suits your cause the most. Make sure to read through carefully to acquire all the necessary information about each course.

Here are the Best Financial and Capital Market Courses and Certifications Online

Below is a list of the best financial and capital market courses to take your investing knowledge and career to the next level.

Yale University – Financial Markets

This is a beginner level course that helps you understand the ideas and methods of financial market analysis. It also teaches leadership skills and how such analysis tools can help an industry leader. Some of the core lessons of this course involve risk management and behavioral skills. By the end of this course you will have an idea about how financial markets related to insurance, banking, and other industries operate.

It is quite a short course so you can add it on to your usual finance course and have a Yale certified financial markets degree to your resume. Apart from finance students, risk managers or analysts can take this course to have a better grip on their basics of financial market analysis skills.


  • Some of the topics this course covers within its syllabus are behavioral finance, behavioral economics, financial markets, etc.
  • The course is divided into four modules to help you easily spread it over your usual profession or studies.


  • Flexible course that allows for easy integration into any schedule.
  • Multiple lingual services for international students.
  • Good overall approach for beginners in this course.


  • Not a pro level course.
  • Lack of practical approach

University De Geneve – Understanding Financial Markets

The biggest benefit of this course is that it thoroughly teaches two concepts, the different types of financial markets that exist, and how the economies within them function. Every student’s understanding of risks as they apply to bonds and investments will be strengthened along with portfolio building.

A part of the course also caters to teaching is the financial markets’ relation with central banks and how this impacts the price of financial assets. Although it takes a deep learning aspect it is indeed a course for the beginner level students and is quite short as well. It is part of a 5 course series that can make you an all round expert in financial market knowledge.


  • This course is perfect for financial advisors, risk managers, finance officers, and others who wish gain in-depth analytical knowledge in financial markets.
  • The course director is one of the best from the faculty of University of Geneva.


  • Short course with flexible deadlines that can be completed within weeks.
  • You will be learning acute skills that will help you through your career.
  • In-depth knowledge in stock and bond market.


  • No multi lingual services
  • Overlooks quite a few important basic concepts

Open Yale Courses – Financial Markets

The range of Open Yale courses are extremely helpful for understanding the basics of various subjects. The Financial Markets course provides insight into risk management and enterprise markets. It covers the overview of business practices and analytical aspects regarding finance. It is a rather short course taught by Professor Robert J. Shiller and can be retrieved from the Yale University website.

With the help of this course you will be able to achieve a holistic introduction to the various financial and capital market operations and also learn practical skills. Although it does cover practical aspects of the knowledge provided, a good basic foundation can be forged with the help of this course.


  • This course provides the student with recordings of actual classes taught in the Yale campus in 2011.
  • With the help of this course you can learn the securities and functioning of insurance and banking sector.


  • Course from one of the most reputed universities, sure to make your resume stronger.
  • Holistic approach towards subject.
  • Short course, easy to fit within a busy schedule.


  • No multilingual services available for overseas students.
  • Course is somewhat dated; these lectures were recorded in 2011.

ISB – Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialization

If you are looking for a career in the investment banking sector then this course will be a perfect gateway towards understanding asset management and portfolio management. Some of the specific subject in this course are evaluating risks, evaluating returns, behavioral investment strategy, and current market behavior. It is a medium sized course and can take up to 3 months to complete.

You can take this course to find a job in risk management or business analyst position and it will provide you the knowledge to create strategies regarding business investments. Traders and Entrepreneurs also take up this course to have a better understanding of risk management.


  • This course will inculcate in you real life skills related to financial market risk management and investment.
  • A special importance towards behavioral aspects of finance is provided in this course.


  • The course schedule is highly flexible allowing for easy integration into daily routine.
  • The course has an acute direction which is career friendly.
  • It provides you an overview of the investment banking sector.


  • No multilingual services available for overseas students.
  • Lengthy course for a beginner level structure.

RICE – Global Financial Markets and Instruments

This is a very basic level and short course in a 5 series course that provides the knowledge of an expert investor and portfolio manager. But this particular course will help any student or business analyst have a wholesome understanding of how the various global financial markets operate. It also provides access to financial instruments of the different asset classes and allows you to understand their features and market value.

This course will provide you acute knowledge regarding asset classes and trading mechanics. You can enter this course with the basic knowledge of finance and you will able to understand in-depth concepts of financial market behavior.


  • Great investment analysis and bond valuation resources
  • The course provides 4 modules that are spread across 4 weeks.


  • Short yet in-depth course.
  • Multi lingual services available for overseas students.
  • You will learn practical skills related to financial market analysis.


  • The ending of the course may seem abrupt since it is part of a series.
  • The course structure may seem like a good amount of knowledge crammed into a short course.

New York Institute of Finance – Capital Markets Professional Certificate

This certificate involves two courses that need to be taken together. They are ‘Capital Markets 101: Market Structure, products, and Regulator Trends’ and ‘Capital Markets: Products, Risks, and Strategies’. It’s a 5 day long course and can seem heavy on the course fee; however it is one of the most wholesome courses you will find on the internet. It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of capital markets, banking, and various regulatory changes that occur within the markets.

You also learn about the market instruments and how to use them in real world situations. The course requires that you possess basic MS Excel knowledge. The New York Institute of Finance is a highly revered establishment and a certificate from them will surely weigh heavy on your resume.


  • There are total of 4 modules in this course, each of them spread over the course of the 5 days.
  • You gain 35 credits from NYIF upon completion of this course.


  • Total understanding of both capital market behavior and the financial instruments.
  • You can get done with this course within a week and become a financial market expert.


  • No multilingual services available for overseas students.
  • Course fee higher than general price.

New York Institute of Finance – E-Trading in Financial Markets (edX)

This is another great course from NYIF that can strengthen the position of any financial analyst or asset manager. Technology has a huge amount of impact in the behavior of financial markets and it is important to understand how electronic trading functions. The course is quite short and it provides basic level knowledge regarding the usage of technology.

But this course provides information that most others only gloss over in their syllabus. However, taking this course alone will not help gain a suitable knowledge in financial markets. This is more of a add-on short course that you can take to strengthen your position further.


  • Even if this course is not necessary for your immediate career it will come in handy later, and an added certificate from NYIF on your resume always helps.
  • The course provides insight into a very pertinent aspect of electronic trading.


  • Short course and can be easily fit into a busy schedule.
  • Provides functioning knowledge of tech in the financial market.


  • No multilingual services available for overseas students.
  • This can only serve as an add-on course to your basic course

Common Online Financial Market Course Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions about financial and market online courses and certifications.

What will you learn in a financial market course?

There are quite a few aspects to consider before taking on such a course. Since the subject area can be quite huge it is important the course either be holistic or be poised towards a central area which you need improving on.

Financial markets are also highly volatile aspects of the economy. So you need to make sure that the course you choose integrates in it the latest data regarding these markets. A professional financial market course will always provide you hands on experience of dealing with the latest market conditions.

Lastly, you should ensure that the course you pick provides you with analytical skills as well that can be used practically. There are many theoretical heavy courses, however they are not up to the mark if you are thinking about it from a job perspective. That said, it is also absolutely important that your theoretical base of financial markets is strong.