best-online-business-writing-coursesUsing one of the best online business writing courses will help you become a better writer and communicator. In any organization, communication skills are a must-have regardless of the department you are in most, especially written communication. Unfortunately, very few possess this very critical skill that allows you to execute complex ideas in a simple, more conscience manner through written text. As such, organizations and individuals alike are investing in courses that will see the teams and individuals develop their communication skills. If an organization is to succeed and if you are to advance in your career, one of the courses that you might want to spend money and time on is a business writing course.

Any business writing course, in general, is geared towards teaching everything that is involved in the writing process in a business capacity from gathering information, organizing that information into written text, and refining it to make sense to anyone who may read. Business writing courses can be applied in any business project that involves writing from reports, memos, business proposals, emails, marketing copy, and more. Without good communication skills, an organization would be marred by chaos and not to mention organizational and persona growth would be affected.

Here are the Best Free Online Business Writing Courses & Certifications

Below is a list of the top online business writing courses that will help you become a better writer in the workplace.

Business Writing Principles Course

The Business Writing Principles course is taught by Judy Steiner-Williams, a Kelley School of Business senior lecturer. In this certification course, she covers in detail the components of strong business communication, and students can access writing samples that help to ensure that you can apply the lessons learned in an organizational as well as individual capacity to communicate your ideas better. The course also covers common writing as well as grammatical mistakes that most of us make when it comes to business communication.

The main advantages of this course are that it addresses common mistakes that you a likely to make in business writing and special considerations that you need to make when writing any business documents. The course however, is not as comprehensive for anyone who wants to learn how to write different business documents like memos, market copy, and more.

This course is ideal for anyone in a position that requires them to communicate in written text including human resource, marketing, and communication personnel. It is also applicable to anyone who is looking to advance their career, retain their position at work, and get hired in a position that involves writing. One can also pursue the course if they just want to improve their writing skills on an individual level as well as those looking to become freelance writers.

BerkeleyX’s Business Writing Professional Certificate

In every organization, being able to communicate your ideas in a clear, concise way is a must. Whether it’s an email to your colleagues or boss, an editorial letter, or even a memo, you need to be in a position to compute every argument in a way that communicates your message in a clear way across different channels that are available to you. This particular certificate course is meant to boost confidence in your writing through three modules; the writing process, effective business writing, and writing for social media.

The main advantage of this course is that the focus is mainly on writing letters, emails, memos as well as reports in the organization. You can choose from any of the three courses depending on your specialization. However, on the downside, this particular certification course can be expensive for some people if you are to do all the three courses.

The BerkeleyX’s Business Writing Professional Certificate is perfect for any professional who is looking to improve their writing as well as the ability to convey messages eloquently. It is also ideal for those who want to develop in a professional capacity from marketing executives, digital marketers, managers, administrators, and anyone else in an organization who interacts with people through written communication.

Dr. Quentin McAndrew’s Business Writing Course

One of the most important skills that you need in the business world is communication specifically written communication and that is what this course covers. It’s a 4-week certification course that is part of the larger Effective Communication course that involves professional writing, design as well as presentation. The course covers everything you need to know when it comes to business writing at work, the tools that you need to make your writing better and ideal ways of executing structure, revision as well as the organization of any written text.

In terms of advantages, the course is very flexible in that it can be done online at your convenience, deadlines are flexible such that you can set them based on your schedule at work and financial aid is also available. On the downside, just like with every other course, the only way you can have access to certain assignments is when you pay for the course.

Based on the modules, Dr. Quentin McAndrew’s Business Writing Course applies to graphic designers, communication professionals, digital marketers, managers, CEOs as well as human resource professionals. It is also applicable for anyone who wants to advance in their career by improving their communication skills as well as professionals who want to pursue a career on the side that involves written communication.

Better Business Writing Skills Course

The Better Business Writing Skills Course is a course that was developed by Mark Morris, a professional speechwriter, which would explain why the course is popular on Udemy. It is a short online course that you can take any time at your convenience and includes 3 hours of instruction videos, downloadable resources, articles, and a certificate upon successful completion of the course. The course is designed to help professionals develop their business writing skills through, concise, clear, and powerful writing.

The main advantage of this course is that it is taught by a professional speechwriter who is a master of his craft. It is also divided into three easy to grasp sections that involve planning your writing, the actual writing process as well as editing your copy. In terms of disadvantages, the course is a bit short for anyone looking to learn more in business writing from writing memos, reports, proposals, and the likes.

The Better Business Writing Skills Course is perfect for business owners who are looking to promote their businesses through better-written communication, anyone who wants to move up the ladder in their career, and those who are seeking the admiration as well as approval of colleagues and managers through their improved writing skills. This course is also ideal for anyone who writes in an organizational capacity be it reports, memos, emails, website and blog articles, speeches, and marketing copy.

Alan Sharpe’s Business Writing Course

Writing is probably the most important skills that you can possess in the sense that it will be hard to get hired if you can’t write well, that promotion will not be coming your way anytime soon if you can’t write well and sometimes lasting long in a particular position relies on your ability to write clearly and communicate your ideas concisely. This particular business course is geared towards dealing with these issues in particular. Divided into 7 modules, this business writing course teaches students how to write clearly, concisely as well as be able to convince your audience with your writing.

The main advantage of this course is that it is taught online and you get a certificate at the end of course. It covers topics that range from understanding the business writing world, organizing your thoughts, drafting your first copy to editing it. On the downside, the course is not free but you get to enjoy unlimited access to all lessons and resources as you advance in your career.

This particular business writing course is perfect for anyone who is looking for career advancement through improved writing. IT is ideal for anyone who does any kind of writing in an organization from digital marketers, content creators, line managers among others. If your job involves writing memos, reports, and marketing copy, this course is for you. Additionally, if you are looking to get hired, get promoted, and have better writing skills, you might want to consider enrolling in this course.

Common Business Writing Course Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about online business writing classes.

What makes a good online business writing course?

When it comes to business writing courses, there are so many options available but you need to know what makes a good course so that you don’t end up wasting your money and time. The most important thing to look for is how that particular course fits into your goals. For instance, a good business writing course needs to help you improve your writing and if it doesn’t do that, it’s not worth pursuing.

What’s the best business writing course for beginners?

There are so many business writing courses out there but not every course is ideal for you especially if you are a beginner. Some of the best beginner courses include Dr. Quentin McAndrew’s Business Writing Course, Better Business Writing Skills Course by Mark Morris, BerkeleyX’s Business Writing Professional Certificate, and Business Writing Principles Course by Judy Steiner-Williams.