Immigration & Migration

Regents Prep: U.S. History: Immigration & Migration: Introduction

Immigration has served as the foundation of American growth since before the establishment of an American government. All Americans (with the exception of Native groups) are either themselves or descendents of immigrants, who came to America is search of opportunity or freedom. Regarded around the world as “the land of opportunity” America has at times lived up to and at other times shunned that title.

Regents Prep US History Migration Topics

This site will cover the following content:

Manifest Destiny

Examines how the United States spread westward during the 1800s, and the compromises designed to deal with expansion and slavery.


Discusses the causes and effects of urbanization in the United States, and the development of suburbs and sprawl.


Discusses the sociological theories of the melting pot and the salad bowl, as well as assimilation into larger society.

Old Immigration

Focused on the earliest immigrants to America including those seeking religious freedoms, land and those brought forcibly enslaved. Covers immigration from 1620 to about the Civil War.

New Immigration

Focused on the great wave of immigration that came with the industrialization of America during the Gilded Age and into the early 20th century. Also discusses the backlashes against this increased immigration that resulted in restrictions and quotas in the 1920’s.

Modern Immigration

Focused on the issue of immigration as it faces contemporary America, including the issues of illegal immigration, the desire for skilled immigrants and US efforts to adjust to a changing population.

Laws on Immigration

A summary of the major immigration laws in American history.