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Each subtopic below contains a lesson page, an interactive student practice page, and a
teacher resource page.   Sections denoted with
*  have Graphing Calculator references.

1.  Operations
             Negative and Fractional Exponents
  Complex Numbers *
 b  Multiple Choice Practice - Operations
 (interactive & hardcopy)              

2.  Variables and Expressions
            Factoring Polynomials - Review and More
            Rational Expressions
  Complex Fractions
            Multiple Choice Practice - Variables and Expressions
(interactive & hardcopy) 

3. Equations and Inequalities
Absolute Value Equations *
Absolute Value Inequalities *

             Complete the Square
             Quadratic Equations, Discriminant, Quadratic Formula *
             Sum and Product of Roots of a Quadratic Equation

  Linear Quadratic Systems 
             Quadratic Inequalities *

             Direct and Inverse Variation
             Exponential Expressions and Equations *
             Logarithmic Expressions and Equations *
             Radical Equations *
             Rational Equations and Inequalities
             Solving and Graphing Polynomials Equations of Higher Degree
  Multiple Choice Practice - Equations and Inequalities  (interactive & hardcopy) 

4.  Patterns, Functions, and Relations
  Sequences *
  Sigma Notation and Series *
            Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series *
  Recursive Sequences *
  Binomial Theorem

            Relations and Functions
            Composition of Functions *
            Inverse Functions *
  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions *
            Transformations with Functions *
  Multiple Choice Practice - Patterns, Functions & Relations
(interactive & hardcopy) 

5.  Coordinate Geometry
            Equations of Circles
        b  Multiple Choice Practice - Coordinate Geometry
(interactive & hardcopy) 
   Note: Graphs pertaining to polynomials, general functions, exponential
                   functions, and logarithmic functions can be found under those topics.

6.  Trigonometric Functions
           Six Trigonometric Functions, Reciprocal Functions *
           Finding Angles in Trigonometry on the TI-84+ Calculator *
(opens new window)
    Special Right Triangles  
  Reference Angles and Triangles
  Unit Circle and Generating Trigonometric Graphs *
  Graphing Trig Functions *
  Inverse Trig Functions and Graphs *
  Pythagorean Identities *
           Trigonometric Equations *
  Law of Sines and Law of Cosines *
  Area of Triangle and Parallelogram Using Trigonometry *
  Angle Sum and Difference, Double Angle, Half-Angle Formulas
  Multiple Choice Practice - Trigonometric Functions
(interactive & hardcopy) 

7.  Measurement
            Arc Length and Radian Measure *
          v  Multiple Choice Practice - Measurement (interactive & hardcopy)      

8.  Statistics and Probability
            Statistical Studies, Central Tendency and Dispersion *
            Normal Distribution *
            Regression Analysis *
            Permutations and Combinations
  Theoretical and Empirical Probabilities *
            Binomial Probability (Bernoulli Trials) - Exactly, At Least, At Most *
              Multiple Choice Practice - Statistics and Probability
(interactive & hardcopy) 



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