Practice with
Literal Equations
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Solve for the indicated variable in questions 1 - 5:

1.  Solve for  p:





2.  Solve for  y: xy - d = m





3.  Solve for  y:





4.  Solve for  w: V = l w h





5.  Solve for  w: P = 2l + 2w





6.  Lightning quickly heats the air causing it to expand, which produces the sound of thunder.  Sound travels approximately 1 mile in 5 seconds.  Knowing  D = rt,  how far away is a thunderstorm when you notice a 3-second delay between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder?   (D = distance, r = rate, t = time)


7.   Your school is ordering computer equipment.  Let c represent the cost of one personal computer and p represent the cost of one printer. 

a.  Write an expression for the total cost of 15 personal computers and 8 printers.

b. The school discovers that it needs 8 additional computers and 4 additional printers. Write an expression for the total cost of this additional equipment.

c. Write an expression that will represent the total amount of money spent on computer equipment.



Bryan and Nate are dirt bike racers and are brothers. 

Bryan gives his younger brother, Nate, a 60 meter head start during a practice run.  

After t seconds, Nate is a distance 6t + 60 from the starting line and Bryan is a distance of 7t from the starting line.

a.  How far ahead of Bryan is Nate after t seconds?

b.  Evaluate the answer for part  a  when:

1.) t = 15


2.) t = 30


3.) t = 45


c.  Does Bryan ever catch up with Nate?  If so, after how many seconds?