Pre-Algebra Review Topic
Applied Problems
with Signed Numbers
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Directions:  Solve each problem below. When you have decided upon an answer, click the answer box to see if your answer is correct.

1. John's bank account was overdrawn. The status of his account was -$4.15.  He did not realize the problem and wrote another check for $25.00. The bank charged him a $20.00 fee for being overdrawn. What was the new status of John's account at this point?




2. A proton has a charge of positive one. An electron has a charge of negative one. Find the total charge of an ion with 12 protons and 15 electrons.



3. During one week of testing at the nuclear power plant, electrical output dropped 534 kilowatts. During the next four weeks, output increased 356 kilowatts, decreased 650 kilowatts, increased 334 kilowatts and increased 351 kilowatts. What was the net decrease (or increase) in kilowatt output during the testing?



4. For each of the problems below, study the first scale to determine a relationship between the weights of the items.  Then add items to the right side of the second scale so that the second scale will balance.





5.  A submarine is at -500 feet, or 500 feet below sea level.  The ship is then directed to descend 650 feet, then to ascend 350 feet, then to descend 340 feet, then to ascend 150 feet, and then to descend to the ocean floor which is 1200 feet below sea level.
a.  How many feet was the final descent?
b.  If the first direction to the ship had been transmitted incorrectly as "descend 750 feet", what would have happened?