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E Vectors & Scalars
This lesson takes you to understand the meaning vector and scalar quantities. It also looks at the process know as vector addition. [Shockwave]
E Introduction to Projectile Motion
This slide show covers the basic concepts behind projectile motion and offers tips for solving typical projectile motion problems.
E 1-D Kinematics Lessons
A nice collection of lessons dedicated specifically to this topic.
E Motion in 2-D
A nice collection of lessons related to motion in a plane.
E Constant Displacement, Velocity, & Acceleration
This lesson illustrates by animation and graphically the differences between constant displacement, constant velocity, and constant acceleration. [QuickTime]
E Package Dropped From A Plane
This lesson examines a very typical projectile motion question, dropping a package from a horizontally flying aircraft. [QuickTime]
E Shot or Driven Horizontally Off A Cliff
Another typical projectile motion problem, being shot horizontally off a cliff, is shown in this animated explanation. [QuickTime]
E Velocity and the Relativity of Motion
This lesson looks at both speed and velocity in terms of vectors and scalars. It deals with the difference between average and instantaneous velocity. Also looks at the relativity of motion from different frames of reference. Lots of animations!
E Projectile Motion & The Center of Mass
This example looks at the motion of an objects center of mass if thrown or thrown with a spin. [QuickTime]
E Motion with Different Accelerations
This is an animated and graphical look at two objects with different accelerations. [QuickTime]
E Projectile Motion With or Without Air
This set of animations looks at projectile motion in the absence and presence of air friction. (NOTE: Air friction is not a topic covered by the NYS Regents Exam but understanding its effect will help your understanding of projectile motion in general.) [QuickTime]
E Classic Problem: The Monkey & The Gun
This is an animated look at the classic projectile motion problem, the Monkey and the Gun.
E Acceleration Due To Gravity
This covers the topic of acceleration due to gravity with several animations and examines freefall and the apparent weightlessness that goes along with it. [Flash]