Regents Prep: Earth Science: Introduction:


Why Learn Earth Science?

Understanding the Earth has been a preoccupation of scientists and philosophers for thousands of years. Remember, you live on the Earth! An understanding and appreciation of the processes that govern the Earth is essential to a responsible life on this planet. This knowledge will allow you to make more informed decisions about how you use and conserve the Earth’s many resources.

What is Earth Science?

Earth Science is not so much a science as it is several sciences. When you learn Earth Science, you will be studying many topics, including:

  • Geology the study of the Earth’s surface (rocks) and interior.
  • Astronomy the study of the universe that the Earth is a part of.
  • Meteorology the study of weather and the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Oceanography the study of the earth’s oceans.

The study of these sciences is both diverse and challenging. It will allow you to find the answers to many questions that you may have about the world around you. It will explain things that you may have taken for granted for years, like:

  • Clouds
  • Stars
  • Waves
  • Rocks
  • Earthquakes

If you learn the content of this course, you will have a much greater understanding of the world around you. A study of Earth Science should naturally begin with a basic understanding of the Earth itself. In the next section we will begin to understand and appreciate the Earth’s size, shape, and makeup.

Earth Science Introduction Topics