Best CPA Review Courses for 2018


What are the 10 top-rated CPA Exam Study Guides in 2018?


Compare the best CPA exam prep courses and CPA study materials to pass the certified public accountant exam below:

CPA Review Courses Best For: Discounted Price After Coupon
Wiley CPAexcel Bite-sized, Speedy Lessons $1,960
Roger CPA Review Best Energetic Lectures $1,885
Surgent CPA Review Most Advanced Technology $1,276
Gleim CPA Review Largest Test Bank $1,439
Yaeger CPA Review Best Value $900
Fast Forward Academy Best Custom Learning $892
Becker CPA Review Biggest Name $3,143
ExamMatrix CPA Review Most Affordable $899
Ninja CPA Review ExamMatrix Engine $67/Month
MDS CPA Review Classroom Lectures $1799
CPA Review For Free Totally Free! $0
Lambers CPA Review Super Old $2500+

Click Below To Compare The Best CPA Review Courses & Research the Top CPA Study Materials and Exam Prep Courses [Complete August 2018 Comparison Chart]

  1. Roger CPA Exam Review Courses
  2. Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review Courses
  3. Surgent CPA Prep Courses
  4. Yaeger CPA Study Materials
  5. Gleim CPA Review Courses
  6. Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Courses
  7. Becker CPA Review Courses
  8. ExamMatrix CPA Review Courses
  9. Ninja CPA Review Course
  10. MDS CPA Review Courses
  11. Lambers CPA Review Prep Courses
  12. CPA Review for Free



What is the Best CPA Exam Prep Course?


Picking the right CPA review course that will best prepare you to pass the CPA exam and become a certified public accountant isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most candidates pass or fail the exam by a few points simply because they used the right or wrong CPA prep course. Yes, it makes that BIG of a difference.

Not to mention, the getting the right review course will likely save you hundreds of hours studying for the exam and it will saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in exams fees and additional study guide courses.

So, you obviously want to know the answer to the question:

What are the Best CPA Study Materials?

Every CPA exam study guide company claims to have to top-rated CPA exam prep course today, but few have what you actually need to pass the certified public accountant exam the first attempt. Every candidate is slightly different and everyone has a different way of learning.

Some people learn well by listening to CPA classroom lectures, while others like to read their textbooks or working through problems and practice sets. In order to pick the best CPA exam review course available that will work for you, look at the below comparison chart to see which course fits the way you learn.

Regents Exam Prep is dedicated to helping you pass each CPA exam section in the fastest time possible by matching you with a CPA study guide that completely covers every exam topic and matches your preferred learning style.

We also try to give you the biggest CPA exam discounts on courses. There’s no reason why you should have to pay full price for a course. Check out the CPA promo codes below.

Top 5 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Study Materials & Best CPA Exam Review Prep Courses

Best CPA Review Courses Roger CPA
Wiley CPAexcel Review Surgent CPA
Gleim CPA
Yaeger CPA
Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Company Website
Go to Roger

Go to Wiley

Go to Surgent

Go to Gleim

Go to Yeager
Best Attribute Entertaining Lectures Bite-Sized Speed Lessons Advanced Technology Most Detailed Materials Most Affordable
Price after Discount $2,195 $1,950 $1,650 $1,499 $1,259
CPA Discount Code Show Coupon Show Coupon Show Coupon Show Coupon Show Coupon
Video Lectures 120 hours 110 hours 100 hours 100 hours 104 hours
Test Bank Questions 6,200 12,000 6,840 9,200 5,000
Simulations 400 600 390 1,000 164
Student Support Homework Help Center Message Board Dedicated Coaching & Live Chat Personal Counselor Instructor Hotline Phone
Review Course Analysis Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review
See More Start Now! Start Now! Start Now! Start Now! Start Now!

What’s the Best CPA Exam Review Course for Video Lectures and Lessons?

If you have always found that you learn best by going to class and listening to your professor lecture, you are probably a visual learner. This means you’d rather watch a lecture and have some explain a concept than read a textbook and figure it out for yourself. For you, video lectures are IMPORTANT!

CPA Review Courses Video Lecture Hours
Wiley CPAexcel Review 100 hrs
Roger CPA Review 120 hrs
Yaeger CPA Review 104 hrs
Surgent CPA Review 350 Short Video Lessons
Gleim CPA Review 100 hrs
Fast Forward Academy Over 80 hrs
Becker CPA Review 100 hrs

Here’s the best CPA courses for video lectures.

Roger CPA Review Video Lectures

roger-cpa-review-video-lecturesThe Roger CPA video lectures are widely considered the best in the industry. Roger uses his energetic and outgoing personality to entertain and educate you. These are not your ordinary CPA classes. Roger is funny and attention grabbing while informatively walking you through tough exam topics and concepts.

Get More Info About Roger CPA Videos

Wiley CPAexcel Review Video Lessons

wiley-cpaexcel-cpa-review-video-lecturesWiley CPA takes a slightly different approach to CPA lessons than other companies. They have a bite-sized approach that dices long, complex topics into shorter, easier to manage lessons. Their videos are the same way. Where Roger’s lectures are typically about 45 minutes in length, Wiley’s are only 10-15 minutes. This is great for people with busy schedules or people who can’t sit through a long, boring accounting lecture. 🙂

Get More Info About Wiley CPA Videos

Surgent CPA Study Videos

surgent-cpa-review-video-lecturesSurgent CPA does not have as many in-depth videos as Roger does, but their instructors are recognized as some of the best in the industry. Most of their presenters, like Liz Kolar, have been teaching accounting concepts for over 25 years.

Get More Info About Surgent CPA Videos

The Best Option

Roger CPA has the best lectures for visual learners. If you think videos lessons will be the core component in your study sessions, you should go with Roger CPA Review.

Go to Roger CPA

Which CPA Study Guide Has the Best CPA Test Bank?

Working past exam questions, practice problems, and example simulations is paramount to passing the CPA exam. This is important for ALL candidates no matter which learning style you prefer.

In order to truly be prepared the exam, you’ll need a CPA test bank that not only covers all of the exam topics with enough questions, you’ll also need something that emulates the AICPA software.

Which CPA test bank has the most exam questions?

The Wiley CPAexcel test bank is the biggest, but one thing to keep in mind when looking at different CPA exam test banks one thing to consider that is that the total number of questions doesn’t always mean it’s a better choice. You need enough questions to cover the topics without repeating questions over and over, but you also need quality questions and solutions that explain the concepts when you get an answer wrong.

CPA Review Courses Best CPA Test Banks
Wiley CPAexcel Review 12,000+ MCQs
Gleim CPA Review 9,200 MCQs
Surgent CPA Review 6,840 MCQs
Roger CPA Review 5,800 MCQs
Yaeger CPA Review 4,300 MCQs
Fast Forward Academy CPA 5,000 MCQs
Becker CPA Review 7,200 MCQs

Below is a full list of the best CPA exam test banks:

Wiley CPAexcel Test Bank

wiley-cpaexcel-cpa-test-bankLike we already addressed, Wiley has the biggest and largest CPA test bank with more practice exam questions than any other company. They offer true/false questions that are designed to help you quickly identify your knowledge of a subject and multiple-choice questions that help you practice for the exam and understand concepts with their detailed solutions.

Get More Info About Wiley CPA Test Bank

Surgent CPA Adaptive Test Bank

surgent-cpa-review-test-bankSurgent CPA offers a new take on test banks with their adaptive approach. Their advanced software tracks your progress through the test bank to analyze your current knowledge of what you know. Based on your answers, they custom make quizzes to challenge your current knowledge and explain topics you have troubles with.

Get More Info About Surgent CPA Review Questions

Gleim CPA Test Bank


Many people think that Gleim has the largest test bank in the CPA prep industry and this is kind of true. They have the largest bank of past exam, multiple-choice questions. Wiley has more overall questions with their true/false practice questions included. Aside from that, the Gleim test bank is awesome. They have, by far, the most detailed and helpful answers/solutions than any company. If you want detailed solutions, this the test bank to go with.

Get More Info About Gleim CPA Review Test Bank

The Best Option

Wiley CPAexcel has the most quality questions to help you prepare for the exam. You won’t see the same repeated questions, topics, or solutions in this bank. Wiley gets our vote with Gleim being a close second for the best CPA test bank.

Go to Wiley CPAexcel

Which CPA Study Guide is Best for CPA Exam Task-Based Simulations?

Practicing task-based simulations (TBS) is just as important as practicing multiple-choice questions. It’s actually more important now that the AICPA reformatted the exam in 2017 placing more emphasis on sims. So no matter what learning style you prefer, you absolutely must get a CPA review course with a great simulations module to let you practice the simulations.

CPA Review Courses Best Task-Based Simulations
Wiley CPAexcel Review 600 TBS
Gleim CPA Review 1,000 TBS
Surgent CPA Review 390 TBS
Roger CPA Review 400 TBS
Yaeger CPA Review 164 TBS
Fast Forward Academy CPA 230 TBS
Becker CPA Review 400 TBS

Here are the top-rated CPA exam task-based simulations with the most current topics covered on the current CPA exam blueprint.

Wiley CPAexcel Review Simulations

wiley-cpaexcel-cpa-exam-simulationsJust like Wiley’s test bank, their simulation section includes a TON of study materials. They have over 600 sims that cover all of the topics on the exam. Each sim includes a detailed solution, so you can figure out what you got right, wrong, or had no idea about. This is particularly helpful when it comes to the BEC written section

Get More Info About Wiley CPAexcel course sims

Gleim CPA Review Simulations

Gleim offers more simulations than any other company. This is an amazing resource because it let’s you practice so many different variations of topics, concepts, and formats. This is so important when preparing for the simulations on the exam. You want to practice as many different formats as possible because the last thing you need is to be tricked by something that insignificant.

Get More Info About Gleim CPA Review TBS

Surgent CPA Review Simulations

surgent-cpa-review-cpa-exam-simsSurgent has taken their adaptive technology and applied it to CPA exam simulations. This is great because it helps you understand what topics or formats you have trouble with the most. Then, it reinforces those concepts with more sims.

Get More Info About Surgent CPA exam simulations

The Best Option

This is a bit of a toss-up because Gleim CPA has the most TBS to practice, but Surgent CPA has the most up-to-date study materials. Overall, our vote would have to go to Gleim CPA though.

Go to Gleim CPA

Which CPA Courses have the Best Financing Options?

There’s no reason to pay the full price up front for your CPA study guide when you can take advantage of affordable financing programs.

If you don’t have the $1,000+ to pay for a review course up front, no problem! Roger CPA and Surgent CPA offer financing options for most of their CPA study materials, so you can pay a small, affordable monthly payment that fits your budget.

Here’s what their plans look like.

CPA Review Course Price after Discount Financing Plan Available?
Surgent CPA Review $1,799 Yes, 0% Interest
Roger CPA Review $1,886 Yes, 10-30% Interest
Wiley CPAexcel CPA $1,950 No Financing
Yaeger CPA Review $1,079 Yes
Gleim CPA Review $1,599 Yes
Fast Forward Academy CPA $1,749 Yes
Becker CPA Review $3,393 Yes

Which CPA Study Guide financing option is best?

The Best Option

Surgent’s financing options are by far the best out there. They offer 0% interest with no processing or enrollment fees.

Go to Surgent CPA

Which CPA Exam Prep Course has the Biggest Discounts?

Why would you pay the full price for any CPA review courses if you could take advantage of these huge CPA review discount codes and  that these companies regularly offer?

Check out what CPA review promo codes are available right now and see how much you can save!

CPA Review Courses Best Discounts and Coupon Codes
Surgent CPA Review Save $750
Click for Coupon Code
Wiley CPAexcel Save $500
Click for Coupon Code
Roger CPA Review Save $700
Click for Coupon Code
Yaeger CPA Review Save 140
Click for Coupon Code
Gleim CPA Review Save $500
Click for Coupon Code
Fast Forward Academy Save $300
Click for Coupon Code
Becker CPA Save $500
Click for Coupon Code

Which CPA Exam Course has the Best Student Support?

No matter what learning style you are, support is key to passing the exam. When you have a question, you need an answer. You shouldn’t have to put your studying on hold because of an outdated student help/support system. Am I right?

You want a course that has CPA exam experts ready to answer your questions without having to wait days on end for a reply.

CPA Review Courses Best Student Support
Surgent CPA Review Dedicated coaching
Wiley CPAexcel Student discussion board
Roger CPA Review Homework Help Center
Yaeger CPA Review Direct access to CPA Exam expert instructors
Gleim CPA Review Personal Counselors
Fast Forward Academy Message Boards
Becker CPA Review Phone, Email

Here is a list of the top CPA review course customer support systems.

Surgent CPA Review Support


Surgent has really upped the bar when it comes to CPA candidate support. They offer you a dedicated coach that helps get you started with your new software. You can contact them through the student support system, live chat, phone, or email.

See more about Surgent Support

Gleim CPA Review Support


Gleim CPA takes personal care of all their students. Literally. They offer personal counselors who help students with questions about exam topics, software problems, and general test taking strategies. This is a near instant service with their live chat and email services.

See more about Gleim CPA Support

Wiley CPAexcel Student Support


Wiley has a somewhat outdated support system. They use a discussion board that is curated by their team of instructors. The problem is that the instructors can take a while to answer questions, so it might be a bit before you can an answer. You can however look through other forums for similar questions and answers. Chances are if you had a question on a topic, someone else did too.

See more about CPAexcle Support

Roger CPA Review Customer Support


The Roger CPA homework help center is very similar to the Wiley discussion boards. It’s a great resource, but it’s not as fast as having a personal counselor. You do also have email and phone access to support.

See more about Roger CPA Support

Yaeger CPA Review Student Support


Yaeger CPA is the true definition of a family company. They offer phone support and student message boards that give you access to their instructors. Yes, it’s not unlikely to call Yaeger and actually talk to Phil Yaeger himself about your question!

See more about Yaeger Support

The Best Option

The Surgent CPA dedicate coaching and onboarding process if probably the best CPA student support in the industry because you have a dedicated person to talk with and ask questions 24/7.

Go to Surgent CPA

Here are the Best CPA Exam Review Cram Courses

The best way to improve your score a few extra points is to use a CPA exam final review course. These reviews are designed to focus on key facts, topics, and numbers that you need to remember to ace the exam.

Just by reviewing these heavily tested CPA exam topics a week before you exam date, you should be able to increase your score as much as 15 points!

Here are the two best CPA cram courses:

Roger CPA Cram Course


Roger CPA cram course was developed to keep you laser focused on the commonly tested exam topics. The mini-lessons help speed up your study time while the practice questions help reinforce the concepts.

The final review includes all of Roger’s famous memory tricks and mnemonics as well as detailed explanations of each practice question.

Get More Info About Roger CPA Final Review Course

Yaeger CPA Cram Course


The Yaeger CPA cram course was developed for one final study session. It helps you focus on the key exam topics that are always tested as well as the MUST Know facts and numbers.

This cram course gets really positive reviews with some candidates saying they boosted their scores 15 points by using it!

Get More Info About Yaeger CPA Exam Final Review

The Best Option

Our vote goes to Yaeger. The Yaeger CPA exam final review is really helpful. It clearly lays out the topics and facts that you must know and it helps you prioritize the last 10 days of study time before the exam.

Go to Yaeger CPA

What are the Best CPA Study Guide Printed Flashcards?

Using CPA flashcards is one of the best ways to learn new concepts and remember key facts. Most companies offer digital versions of their CPA exam flashcards, but those aren’t the same.

Here is a listing of the best certified public accountant (CPA) exam flashcards.

Wiley CPAexcel CPA Flashcards


Wiley CPAexcel has 250+ physical flashcards for all four CPA sections in the CPAexcel Platinum course. These flash cards cover each topic on the CPA exam with unique memory tips included.

You can also purchase these separately if you purchased a different course. They are a great study companion with Wiley or any other course you use.

Get More Info About Wiley Flashcards

Roger CPA Prep Flashcards


Roger CPA review flash cards cover all the main key terms on the exam. They include two key term definitions on the front of the card and a complete solution explanation or a classic mnemonic device that Roger is famous for.

The flashcards include hundreds for each CPA exam section wrapped up in a nice spiral binding.

Get More Info About Roger Flashcards

The Best Option

Our vote goes to Roger. The Roger CPA flashcards include more information and are easier to use than the CPAexcel flashcards. Roger also gives you a printer and digital copy of them that you can access on your phone or tablet!

Go to Roger CPA

Best CPA Exam Review Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are almost as important as online courses today. Being able to take your study guide anywhere with you is not only convenient, but it’s also a great way to get some extra study time in without having to sit down at a computer. Unfortunately, only two companies even offer them. 🙁

Here are the best CPA exam prep mobile applications.

Roger CPA Review Mobile Application


Roger CPA mobile app gives CPA candidates access to over 3,400 MCQs and hundreds of digital flashcards across all four CPA exam parts.

This is a really good resource because it allows you to practice MCQs without having to be on your computer or in a book.

Get More Info About Roger’s phone app

Surgent CPA Mobile App


Surgent is awesome because they have a totally free CPA flashcard app in both the Google Play store for Andriods and the App store for iPhones.

This CPA app offers over 2,200 definitions of and key terms that are on the CPA examination. Go check it out. It’s free!

Get More Info About the Surgent app

The Best Option

Our vote goes to Roger. The Roger CPA mobile app is more than just a set of flashcards. It’s a full test bank on your phone!

Go to Roger CPA

Best Audio CPA Review Course

Roger CPA Audio Course

best-cpa-review-audio-courseRoger is the only company that offers a CPA audio course. This is a great option for anyone who lives an active lifestyle or has a long commute to work. The Roger CPA MP3 files make it easy to listen to Roger’s lectures while you are on a run, at the gym, or in the car. It’s a great way to catch up on studying during some down time.

Go to Roger CPA

Best CPA Course for Visual Learners

cpa-review-for-visual-learnersIf you learn best by watching someone demonstrate something and show you how concepts work, then you are a visual learner. Video lectures should be a key component in your CPA study materials.

The best course for visual learners is definitely Roger CPA. Roger’s energetic lectures and ability to visually and graphically demonstrate topics will help you learn the concepts and retain the key facts.

Go to Roger CPA

Best CPA Study Guide for Auditory Learners

cpa-review-for-auditory-learnersIf you learn best by listening to someone explain a topic while you think through the concept, you are most likely an auditory learner. Audio lectures are probably going to be the most helpful resource in your study guide materials.

The best course for auditory learners is either Roger CPA or Yaeger CPA. Both of these courses have detailed lectures that allow you to absorb the information being presented. Yaeger lectures tend to go into more detail and they also work through more examples, which is great for auditory learners.

Go to Yaeger CPA

Best CPA Study Materials for Self-Studiers

cpa-review-for-self-studiersIf you get bored with lectures and would rather just read the textbook and think through topics on your own, you are probably a self-studier. A big test bank with detailed explanations and solutions is going to be key for you.

The best course for self-studiers is a combination of Wiley CPAexcel and the Gleim CPA test bank. The CPAexcel platform has detailed text materials and question solutions. Although CPAexcel has the largest test bank, it would be helpful for you to get the Gleim test bank as well, so you have more to work with.

Go to Wiley CPAexcel

Best CPA Review Course Under $1,000

best-cpa-exam-review-under-1000Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to get a second rate CPA study course. There are options out there for you even with a limited budget.

Yaeger is the best CPA review course under $1,000 for those CPA exam candidates who are a seriously tight budget. Yaeger includes all the detailed materials that are covered on the CPA exam with tons of past exam questions, video lectures, detailed explanations, and other features. Plus, Yaeger does a great job of working practice questions during his lectures, so you know exactly how to answer the problems on the CPA exam.

This isn’t a cut-rate course. It’s just a sweet deal!

Go to Yaeger CPA

FAQ – Commonly Asked CPA Exam Questions

When Should I take the CPA Exam?

The easy answer to this is you should take it when you have enough time to adequately prepare for the exam. Too many people think that they can sit for an exam section whenever they want. That doesn’t make sense does it? If you you work in public accounting, why would you want to sit for an exam section in the first testing window? You are just asking for failure. There’s no time to study when you are working 70-80 hours per week.

Give yourself about 6-8 weeks to prepare for each section. If your work or personal lives don’t allow that to happy, you should think about scheduling the exam in a different testing window.

How long should I study for a CPA exam section?

It’s a general rule of thumb that you should give yourself about 6-8 weeks to study for each exam section. Obviously, that is just an estimate and doesn’t reflect how well you know or understand the topics and information in each section. For example, if you are a tax accountant, you might have an easier time with REG, so you might not need a full 8 weeks to study. You might be able to do it in 5-6 weeks. Likewise, if you are an auditor, you might a difficult time with REG and you might need at least 8 weeks to study.

That being said, it’s common that people study about 75-100 hours per exam section depending on their level of knowledge and experience.

Which CPA exam section should I take first?

Too many people end up picking the wrong CPA exam section to take first. This might be because of bad guidance from a co-worker or a guidance counselor at college. Whatever the case, too many people say that you should sit for the hardest section first. That opinion makes no sense and seems to set you up for failure.

You have a better chance of failing it, being that it’s your most difficult exam subject, and you if you do, you will probably feel pretty defeated after failing you first ever exam attempt. This pails in comparison to the consequences of letting 18-month window elapse on you hardest exam section. You might have to take it again. Ugh!

For those reasons and so many more, it makes WAY more sense to take your easiest section first. If you are good at financial accounting, take FAR. If you know that tax code front and back, take REG. Take the section that you feel the most confident with. Trust me. You will feel happy after you passed it.

How do I apply for the CPA exam?

Applying for the CPA exam isn’t as easy as it should be for most people. In many states, there are complicated rules and procedures that you have to go through to simply get set up to take the exam. Some states require you to apply just to apply to take it. Believe it or not. But typically the application process goes like this:

After you graduation college, you will need to submit your official transcripts to the state board of accounting. Once they approve your educational requirements, you will need to fill out your application. Once your application is complete, you will get a NTS (notice to schedule). This gives you permission to schedule and exam date at a testing center. Now just take the exam section and report 3 times until you pass the all.

What if I fail a CPA exam section?

Failing an exam section sucks! It’s pretty depressing knowing that you will have to start the entire study process over again, but it’s okay. Most CPA candidates do fail at least one CPA exam section. Remember, it’s not about how many times it takes to pass the CPA exam. It’s about actually passing it. Once you become a CPA no one is going to ask you in a job interview if you passed the first time or not. They only care that you passed and you are certified.

If you failed a section, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and get ready to crush the CPA exam the next time around.

Why should I become a CPA?

There are an infinite amount of reasons why you should become a CPA, but the main one is money. CPAs make WAY more than regular, non-certified accountants. It’s a pretty commonly quoted statistic that a certified accountant makes about $1,000,000 more in their career than a non-certified one. That’s a lot of cheese!

The CPA certification gives you the legal responsibility to sign tax returns, represent clients in front of the IRS, and audit public companies. It also gives you the ability to make WAY more money. 🙂

What are the CPA exam requirements in my state?

Every state has different rules and requirements that must be met before you can become a certified public accountant. Many states have similar rules like educational requirements. Most states require at least 150 college credit hours to become licensed, but not all of them do.

It’s best to check with your state board of accountancy or your state CPA society before you start your CPA journey. They will be able to tell you all the specifics that you need to do in order to make sure you meet the requirements the first time around.

What is the Top-Rated CPA Prep Course today?

Top CPA Review Courses Best For:
Surgent CPA Review Adaptive Technology
Wiley CPAexcel Time Saving Lessons
Roger CPA Review Video Lessons
Yaeger CPA Review Biggest Value
Gleim CPA Review Largest CPA Test Bank
Fast Forward Academy Custom Learning
Becker CPA Review Best Name

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