Equations of Lines on a Grid
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Activity:  Writing the equations of lines from a coordinate grid drawing.

Supplies:  Worksheet with prepared graph or graph paper for student creation of drawing.

Directions:  Provide students with a picture drawn on a coordinate grid, such as the arrow seen at the right.

If you prefer, have your students make their own drawings.  If students are creating the drawings be sure to indicate that the lines must be straight, must start and stop on an integer coordinate, and must include lines that appear to be parallel and perpendicular.  All line segments in the drawing must be numbered.

If all students are using the same picture, correcting the equation answers will be easier.

You might have the students prepare a drawing the day before the activity and then choose one drawing to be used by the class for the activity.  If you have a student who is interested in drawing (or likes to doodle), ask him/her to prepare a drawing to be used for the activity.

Task:  Students are to write linear equations for the lines that pass through each of the segments of the drawing.  Students are to determine which lines, if any, are parallel and why.  Also, which lines, if any, are perpendicular, and why.