Practice with
Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Word Problems

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Solve the following problems dealing with Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series.
Look carefully at each question to determine with "which" sequence you are working. 
You may wish to have your graphing calculator handy. 



You visit the Grand Canyon and drop a penny off the edge of a cliff.  The distance the penny will fall is 16 feet the first second, 48 feet the next second, 80 feet the third second, and so on in an arithmetic sequence.  What is the total distance the object will fall in 6 seconds?





 The sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180, of a quadrilateral is 360 and of a pentagon is 540.  Assuming this pattern continues, find the sum of the interior angles of a dodecagon (12 sides).





After knee surgery, your trainer tells you to return to your jogging program slowly.  He suggests jogging for 12 minutes each day for the first week.  Each week thereafter, he suggests that you increase that time by 6 minutes per day.  How many weeks will it be before you are up to jogging 60 minutes per day?





 You complain that the hot tub in your hotel suite is not hot enough.  The hotel tells you that they will increase the temperature by 10% each hour.  If the current temperature of the hot tub is 75 F, what will be the temperature of the hot tub after 3 hours, to the nearest tenth of a degree?





A culture of bacteria doubles every 2 hours.  If there are 500 bacteria at the beginning, how many bacteria will there be after 24 hours?






 A mine worker discovers an ore sample containing 500 mg of radioactive material.  It is discovered that the radioactive material has a half life of 1 day.  Find the amount of radioactive material in the sample at the beginning of the 7th day.