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Solving Linear Systems
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You will need paper and pencil to graph the following problems.  If you have graph paper, please use your graph paper.  During this practice, these problems should be done without your graphing calculator.  Use your graphing calculator only to verify your results.



Solve the following system of equations graphically.





Solve the following system of equations graphically:

y = 3

3y = 3x + 12




The zoo is erecting a new habitat for the giraffes.  A model of the habitat can be drawn using the equations
y = 2x + 5

y = x - 2

x = 2

y = 7

On graph paper, prepare a drawing of the habitat.  Identify the points on the graph which represent the "corners" of the habitat.

Find the area of the habitat.






Ted and Jason are going to race their dirt bikes.  Since Ted is younger, Jason is going to give him a 10 mile head start.  Ted travels at 10 mph and Jason travels at 20 mph. 

Write linear equations to represent each boy during the race.

Prepare a graph representing the race.  Put the time in hours on the x-axis and the distance in miles on the y-axis.

At what time will Jason catch up with Ted?

  How far will they have traveled when they meet?




At a baseball game, Jose bought five hot dogs and three sodas for $17.  At the same time, Allison bought two hot dogs and four sodas for $11.  Find the cost of one hot dog and one soda.  Explain how the graph below shows the solution to this problem.