Practice Translating and
Solving Equations
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Translate each of the follow sentences into an equation and solve algebraically:



Ten times a number, increased by 8, is 58.
Find the number.






A number decreased by 20 equals 46.
Find the number.




A number divided by 5 equals 18.
Find the number.




If 7 is subtracted from a number, the result is 53.
Find the number.




If 9 is added to one-half of a number, the result is 29.  Find the number.




After he lost 14 pounds, Homer weighed 190 pounds.  Find Homer's original weight.




A shop owner bought 8 dozen shirts.  If he sold all but 18 of them, how many shirts did he sell?




The cost of adding a garage to a home is 5 times as much as the cost of painting the house.  If the garage addition costs $15,000, find the cost of painting the house.




The length of a rectangle is 5 times the width.  If the width is 7 meters, what is the length?



After 2.5 feet had been cut from a piece of lumber, there were 9.5 feet left.  What was the original length of the piece of lumber?