Using SkiBird in the Classroom
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When working with today's visual learners, teachers can never have too many teaching "tools".  Here is a small, inexpensive tool that will help reinforce the concept of slope.  Tools of this nature, while beneficial with all students, are especially helpful when working with math-phobic students or unmotivated students.

Bring Ski Bird into your classroom!
(Ski Bird is used here with permission from

  • Find a clipart picture of a skier, such as Ski Bird.

  • Enlarge the image to full screen size, print and cut out.

  • Printing on cardstock or laminating the image will create a more durable teaching tool.

  • If your chalkboards or whiteboards are magnetic, place a small magnet on the back of the image (small craft magnets are readily available at local stores).

  • Keep your skier handy for discussions of slope.  Placing the skier on homework/practice graphs done at the board will quickly offer additional discussions on slope and help reinforce the concept.

  • Cheap, colorful, attention-grabbing.

Ski Bird

Placing Ski Bird on any problems involving straight lines (in any unit at any time),
quickly lets the teacher ask,
"What kind of slope does this line have?  positive, negative, zero or undefined?"
Such "tools" bring humor and enjoyment to the classroom while serving a useful purpose. 

If you cannot find a skier, you may use a copy of Ski Bird.
Click on the bird for a .pdf copy.