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2c. Rise & Fall of Great Empires Resources

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Ancient Wonders: A WebQuest into Antiquity (DeLorenzo & Caswell)
This WebQuest guides students in exploring different ancient cultures and presenting their findings via multimedia presentations. Students are then directed to write an individual grant proposal to unearth a local civilization by citing the major accomplishments of the cultures studied in class.

Aztecs-Mexicas (Glenn H. Welker)
Site devoted to Aztec culture and other early cultures in Latin America. Picture, traditional music and a calendar are just a few things presented.

Dr. Silvestri's WWW Ancient World History Resources (Dr. Silvestri)
An excellent reference source for studying early cultures and empires, including: Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Hebrews & Phoenicians, Ancient India, Ancient China, Early Europe, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Byzantium & Islam, Early Medieval Europe, and Late Medieval Europe.

Dynasties: Group Activity (Carol Blackburn)
This is a group project which focuses on the dynasties of China. It is evaluated by a oral and visual presentation.

Egyptian Pyramids (Lawrence J. Moskal)
An internet assignment on the Pyramids of Egypt. You will be exploring the pyramids through the use of the internet and Nova Online Adventures.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures (Anthony F. Beavers)
Index of Internet Sources for Ancient World Cultures

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook (Paul Halsall, Fordham University)
A thorough collection of reference materials and primary source documents organized by topic.

Mayan Adventure (The Science Museum of Minnesota)
World-Wide Web site that highlights science activities and information related to ancient and modern Maya culture. Maya Adventure includes images from the Science Museum's anthropological collections and activities developed by the Science Museum's education division. Featured in the project is information from two exhibits about the Maya developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota, Cenote of Sacrifice and Flowers, Saints and Toads.

Mr. Donn's Ancient History (Mr. Donn)
Teacher Resource/Student Rsource Lesson plans k-12, most k-8 lessons can be adapted to 9-10 very easily. Included here are many activities, links, and sites dealing with Greece, Rome, Incas, Aztecs, Mesopotamia, Middle Ages, China, India, Vikings, Africa to name only a few. Includes map and geography activities for each as well.

Unit Plans for Ancient Mesopotamia.

Odyssey Online (Emory University & University of Rochester)
Odyssey Online is designed to serve as a classroom resource that enhances the social studies curriculum by providing resources for the study of ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman cultures. A variety of sources are used, including: museum collections, documentary photos, journals and diaries, interviews, newspapers, on-line resources, etc.

The Ancient World Web (Julia Hayden)
An extremely well organized directory of the best ancient civilization resources on the Web!

The Olympics (Lawrence J. Moskal)
An internet activity based on the Olympic Games.

You be the Judge on Hammurabi's Code (Phillip Martin)
What should be done about a wife who ignores her duties and belittles her husband? What happens if a man is unable to pay his debts? Middle school art teacher Phillip Martin created this site - complete with engaging cartoons - to help students explore ancient history through the Hammurabi Code of Law.

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